nicole reynolds - lyrics

when we meet again

when we meet again
my bones will ache
my muscles shake
my blood will rush
my face will flush

when we meet again
your eyes will drop
my heart will stop
the time will show
your hair has grown
we are alone, now

oh, i want you some
but oh,
the things you've done
oh, you love me some
but oh
you son of a gun

when we meet again
the past will flash
it's all rehashed
our ship has sailed
train derailed
engine failed us

my skin can sense
the evidence
of our tenseness
our pheromones
all alone
could make us moan
but we won't let them

when we meet again
we'll pick a fight
you know i bite hard
do your friends know
you're not in rome
we'll smash our phones
and disappear
in two directions

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Copyright © 2006 Nicole Reynolds