nicole reynolds - lyrics


death stalks the indian activist
the bird turns its wings to the sky
the feathers fall the feathers fall
revolution revolution revolution

the roadrunner eats the rattlesnake
eats the rat eats the sky
in the desert where the factory
eats the worker running dry
the mines drill out the rock
to build a bigger bomb stock
and the miners are expendable
they die out from the chemicals
that run into the water the soil
and the air
and some die fighting but no
one really notices
revolution revolution revolution

land belongs to no one
but is taken from some
and the good water is pumped
from the rez out by the ton
to california

the pockets are peddling
the pesticide scene
silence is cutting the
grandfather trees
the bomb maker hangs
from a rope in his basement
while america dreams
the american dream
revolution revolution revolution

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Copyright © 2008 Nicole Reynolds