nicole reynolds - lyrics

parable no.1


oh don't you say that you love me
i'll shout n cry hypocricy
love the sinner and hate the sin
it's bullshit man, wipe your grin

oh i'm not sinning not one bit
so your little phrase, no it don't fit
i'm not hurting anyone
but you kicked out your only son
for being gay, for comin out
you scream and flail and kick and shout
you threw him out your very door
what's your reason for?

you should stop this masquarade
i saw you at the protest parade
all your words are full of hate
if we were dead you'd celebrate
your sign says that i'm goin to hell
you wish it upon me good n well
just don't act so hign n mighty
it's the wrong side on which you're fightin


i won't agree to disagree
while you take my rights and slander me
this has gone on for way too long
face it man, you got it wrong

now it's time, we've had enough
we're takin over n playin rough
you've crowned yourself the pharaohcies
but don't you wash your hands of me
give it time the world will see
the people cry hypocrisy

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