nicole reynolds - lyrics

only atoms

27 crows sittin on my sill
lookin at my pie
beady little eyes
we've got seed to last til spring comes
we are only atoms
my bones my bones the crow
oh only atoms
whirling oh they go
the atoms in my brain are jealous of the atoms in my lips
every time i look around, the atoms in my eyes are doing flips

i went up on a plane ride
the moon pulls the high tide
over people making love in boats
whales singing opera notes in the bottom of the ocean
the atoms in the bible are jealous of the atoms in the pine
in the morning crows crow the atoms in my wings, they are not mine

i met a howlin lion
under a locus moon
the police siren
chased the bums out

i know some things i've never seen

chalk drawings on the concrete beams
under the speed line smoking with the gray chimneys
i know some things i've never seen

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Copyright © 2009 Nicole Reynolds