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lucresia under the ocotillo tree

lucresia lucresia look out for them bullets
their fingers on the trigger they're ready to pull it
they've got them new guns with ammo that shatters
to them you're another brown face it don't matter

lucresia lucresia the minutemen are pacing
armed civilians in fatigues their anger is racing
for them your death will be a justice for all
cause our laws are all good and the guilty must fall

mrs lazarus, where's queen liberty now?
under the ocotillo tree watchin blood run into the ground

lucresia lucresia got a man in the states
it'll be ten or more years til she sees his face
but loves got a pull on her conscience she's climbing
the barbed wire fence and her body is dying

lucresia lucresia i'm not standin so tall
your breathless fate was the fault of us all
most of us live by what's easier to hear
over the crying it's the blarin of american fear

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Copyright © 2006 Nicole Reynolds