nicole reynolds - lyrics

land of plenty


in this land of plenty
we've got mountains we've got sky
our fortunes are many
we've got rivers running by
we've got canyons, we've got the valleys
we've got the legend of joe hill
we got the ramblin' woody guthrie
whose songs we're singin still

in this land of plenty
we've got the healthy and the sick
our cures are many
we can fix you right up quick
but if you need some helpin
and don't got the blue cross card
lay down your grave boy
cause your health'll be falling hard

in this land of plenty
we've got the rich, we've got the poor
go to school if you got money
if you don't, you go to war
we'll ship you off to boot camp
then we'll send you off to fight
you might get wounded in a battle
your chance of livin might be slight

in this land of plenty
we've got the worker and the boss
the demands are many
and your life may be the cost
you'll try and form a union
to pay a family bill
they'll move the corp to china
to keep their pockets filled

you'll shrug your shoulders slightly
as you pass the beaten buck
and you'll raise your glass a plenty
to those down on their luck

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Copyright © 2006 Nicole Reynolds