nicole reynolds - lyrics

if i were a sailor

i can dance i can sing i can drink anything
if i were a baptist, i would only dream

i can write a dirty poem my mind can roam and roam
if i were a siphon, i would drink you up

i can drive my new car faster than a falling star
if i were a sailor, i would miss the sea

i know you could always go somewhere other than here, though
if i were a country road i would bring you back

i can change the rules around turn them over upside down
if i were a senator, we would both be king

i could say that i know you i once said that and she flew
if i were an avalanche, i would break right through

i can go over the sea kill someone or they kill me
if i were a songbird i would only sing

i can fall in love with you tell me if you want me to
if i were a wishing well i would be too deep

i know someday i will die you can throw me to the sky
if i were a cannonball i would never land

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