nicole reynolds - lyrics

here right now

would you give me your lung
if i needed a lung
if my breath draws shallow
in the winter

would you hand me your heart
if i needed a start
pumping blood through
this november

would you give me your tongue
if i needed a tongue
if my voice cracks
whispering my troubles

would you pass me your eyes
if mine turn a little blind
they've been open
for so long

most things i'll never know
but i know all things
must come and go
we're here right now

would you cut off your ears
if i needed them to hear
the thumping pattern
of your heart beat

would you build me a fire
by the adalaide briar
burn our madness out
for a while

would you give me a hand
if i needed a hand
if mine freeze up
in the stormy weather

would you bury my burden
and cover it with curtain
its been standing
for so long

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Copyright © 2006 Nicole Reynolds