nicole reynolds - lyrics

heavy sleeper

you're a heavy sleeper
slept right through the predicament
i'm a lonely dreamer
stumbling through my day
i can't tell if the neighbors
are killing each other or making love
i'm so tired of thinking
i wanna fall asleep i wanna fall asleep

you're a heavy smoker
blow your rings
right through the mad things
i'm a careless pilot
nose dive to the ground
but you're in my plane
and you're a mechanic
and you're good in a panic
so we'll be fine

there's a place that you go to
when you don't know where else to go
there's a song that i sing through
when i don't know what else to do
i'm an over thinker
you're a heavy sleeper
is this all coincidence
i think i'm falling deeper

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Copyright © 2007 Nicole Reynolds