nicole reynolds - lyrics



doctor can't you see these pills you've given me
the morphin and the codine and the viox i've been chokin down
and i'm only here for a headache

oh i know you're being paid for using these corporate names
but now i'm puking and i'm bloating up and i'm pissing blood and knowing
that i am being used

amitriplilyn, benadryl
carbomezopine take your pill
darbepoetin, elavil
fludricortizone, ten refills
glycopyrolate, heptolac
ibuprofen for all your cramps
ketoconozol, lypitor,
mechlorethamine, take some more
nortriptoline, opticyl
parepectolin, fever chills
quinupristin, ritalin
sandogobulin, you'll be thin
trimethobenzamide, ultracet
viagra it'll keep him wet
welbutrin xanex yohimbine
take some zoloft
you'll feel fine

doctor, can't you see these pills are killin' me
now i've got a rash, more pills i'll stash for fixin that
you won't have me back
no, i'm not comin back

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