nicole reynolds bio (and press links)

short bio

nicole reynolds has just released her fourth full studio
record, "a fine set of fools," after mostly being migrant for the past
few years and working on farms. now she is building a house in new jersey.

long bio

nicole was born into a family of pittsburgh steelworkers. she wrote her first
album "wolves won't eat us while living in philadelphia in 2006. her next three
albums, "this arduous alchemy" (2007), "unordinary mine" (2008), and "a fine set
of fools" (2009), were all written while she lived and worked on a small organic
sheep farm in western pennsylvania.

"A Fine Set of Fools"

nicole writes about her new record:

"a fine set of fools" is my 4th full record release. it is my pleasure to share these
16 songs with you. i've written about a lot on this album: "only atoms" was written
after i spent a few months in europe farming and sleeping on couches. "like the ocean"
is a song i wrote about my childhood, adolescence, sexuality, being raised catholic,
and how i came through it. "ghost dance" and "oats and barley" are about food and life
cycles, which was gathered from my experience as a sheep and vegetable farmer in western
pennsylvania. i wrote "practical things" after reading a book of letters from violet
trefusis to vita sackville-west, who were having a love affair in the early 1900s.
"memory is a minefield" and "we are haunted" are both songs for the melancholy.
"crazy as you" is a rock song i wrote for the fun of it.

"i went to the mountain" was written about mountaintop removal, which is a form of
coal mining in appalachia where the entire mountain is leveled and the communities are
devastated, often with many deaths and illnesses. "earthworms" is a queer little song i
wrote for a friend. "the tree believes," "in this world," and "we could stay" are all
songs about transformation- questioning, moving on. "joseph brown" is a union song about
the 1892 homestead strike in pittsburgh. my mother, grandfather, and great great grandfather
all worked in the pittsburgh mills.

"for christmas" is a song about materialism. i would like to encourage everyone to make
something for the holidays- carve a spoon, knit a glove, paint a picture, draw a cartoon,
write a poem, save your seeds and give them out as gifts- put a little thought into your
friends and family, even if they don't give a shit and just want money or a new battery charger.

i will be on the road touring for a while. if you'd like to
recommend a venue in your town, set up a house concert,
or have me play at your college, let me know and i will
try to come by.

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